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 Tune Trucks - Unique Christmas party entertainment:
Message Time:2017-09-15 23:37:36 
Message:Hello there My name is Ben and Im writing to you on behalf of Tune Trucks to let you know a little about our specialist brand of Christmas Party entertainment. Tune Trucks provide mobile sound systems unlike any other - a portable self contained and professional PA in the forable housing of a Land Rover Defender. As you already know employers are continually in search of new ways to provide a good time for their employees at Christmas Tune Trucks give organisers of Christmas parties a hassle free way of transforming a standard seasonal celebration into an event that staff will be talking about well into the new year! Tune Trucks can be visually customised according to your brand message and placed where you need them. With available options ranging from foamex boards to full vehicle vinyl wraps we will certainly have what youre looking for to convey your message to the crowd. In essence the beauty of Tune Trucks is that we can bring the party to you wherever that may be. Whether at the heart of your company HQ outside a swanky hotel or within the trees of a forest Tune Trucks will go the extra mile literally to perform at your event. We would love to work with you on any Christmas events you may be planning and if you are interested in booking with us or have any queries relating to our services please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll be happy to provide further details. In the meantime please feel free to visit us online at http:tunetrucks.com for additional information. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon Ben.
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 Shrink sleeve perforation:
Message Time:2017-09-12 18:03:38 
Message:Dear Brotech I´m am looking for a machine to make T perforation on shrink sleeve.
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 label cutter info :
Message Time:2017-09-11 20:10:35 
Message:Dear Sir or Madam we have been introduced from Indigo Hellas with the best reference. We are a company selling Konica Minolta PP and we are looking for label cutter. To be more specific we will need your advise for the advising your idela cutter for the Konica Minolta production printers which can be compited with them adn do cut slit and rewind Lookibng forward to hearing your proposals. best regards Eleni Venetsanopoulou
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 Price request:
Message Time:2017-08-23 22:05:24 
Message:We are looking for SDF Plus and SDF NEW We have seen your machine during Dscoop HP in Lyon
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 Turret Rewind:
Message Time:2017-08-23 06:36:50 
Message:Hello. I am Ulises De Carlo form Argentina Graphic company. Do you send me information about EUROTECH TR System TR520. Thank Best regards
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 Die cut wetglue label:
Message Time:2017-08-13 19:15:00 
Message:Dear Sir We have an inquiry for a Die cutting machine for the roll papers to cut beer labels not self adhesive We need following specification: Width: 25mm for roll feed Material: Paper film Auto register system Camera system Hot foil Cold foil Please advise if you can offer this machine. Let me know if you need more details. Many thanks and best regards Saeed Seyedi MAGNIFICUS SLOVENJA
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 SDF 340:
Message Time:2017-08-12 00:27:18 
Message:Good evening Would you please send us a cotation for SDF 340
Administrator Reply:
Message Time:2017-08-08 15:52:41 
Message:Please advise cost for your DF330 finishing machine for digitally printed labels.
Administrator Reply:
Message Time:2017-08-04 00:42:46 
Message:Hi Our database organization is one of leading database providers can help you do the same. We are serving all the industries providing B2B contacts. We have collection of complete database of following job functions Producers Executives Founders CEOs Presidents Brokers Economists Tech experts Chief development officers Directors Property Owners Property Managers Buyers Architects Contractors Interior Designers Real Estate Agents and all type of key decision makers from apartment complexes or condos to hotel renovations medical facilities schools shopping center or marine bases estate firms and buildings or housing Apartment Multi-family house Condominium Single-family detached home Mobile homes Houseboats many more. Kindly let me know your target criteria: Target Geography: Target Industry: Target Job Titles: Look forward to hear from you. Regards Ethan Morris
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 Machines info:
Message Time:2017-07-27 16:28:08 
Message:Good morningi m Ruben Grigi from Argentina and i m looking for a turret system for a rotary die cutting machine and a label er machine. Thanks in advance
Administrator Reply:
 Inspection system:
Message Time:2017-07-20 19:33:56 
Message:Lookinf for 100% label inspection system
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 Digital label printing machine:
Message Time:2017-07-19 23:27:34 
Message: 您好, 我来自乌克兰,我公司主要生产自粘标签纸,现在我们正在寻找新的数字印刷机。不知道您方便把贵公司设备的规格和报价发我一份吗? 非常期待您的回信。祝生意兴隆! 霍门科·安东
Administrator Reply:
 Digital label printing machine:
Message Time:2017-07-19 23:24:27 
Message:Hello My company produces self-adhesive label and now we are searching for new digital printing machine. Could you please send the specifications and prices of your equipments? Im looking forward to hearing from you. With best regards Khomenko Anton
Administrator Reply:
Message Time:2017-07-19 04:13:44 
Message:We do service to some Brotech equipment in Mexico we are having new tecnicians I would like to know how we can get some training. Thanks
Administrator Reply:
Message Time:2017-07-18 16:19:10 
Message:Good Day We are a flexo printing company based in South Africa. we are looking to start producing IML labels. can you forward me videos and full details of your cutter stacker Including quotation. Regards Farhad Evans JMB Labels South Africa
Administrator Reply:
Message Time:2017-07-15 23:29:03 
Message:Dear Responsible We are trustworthy creasing matrix producer in İzmir Turkey since 2005 and we are working with the leading packing firms and cardboard manufacturers in our region Eruope and Middle East. Creasing Matrix is complimentary product used by diecutters especially in Bobst and Heidelberg machines so your customers are already pottential for creasing matrix. We are inviting you to partnership and add us on your product list for your customers. We produce all sizes according your needs and we help deliver our products to your location. Our packet includes 48 piece from 75 cm which makes 36 meters at fair price. We use same adhesive metarials - same quality with CITO which is PSA Pressure Sensitive Adhesive it gets stronger in every press and our circulation is pretty good. Below and attached you may see our price list: 01 x .. 03 x .. 04 x .. 05 x 06 x .. 08 x .. 1.0 x .. 16€ 22 x .. 25 x .. 28 x .. 3.0 x .. 3.2 x .. 3.5 x .. 4.0 x .. 5.0 x .. 6.0 x .. 18€ We really appreciate to partnership with you. Would you be interested to try our products ? or would you forward us some pottential partners that can be interested with creasing matrix in your region please Please check out of our website for more info: http:www.ceta.gen.trendopel.html Looking forward for your answers Ulas YAGCI Sales Manager 905342319455 www.ceta.gen.tr
Administrator Reply:
Message Time:2017-07-11 00:49:26 
Message:Dear Could you send me more information about machine Barniz and Cutting die Semirotatory? If is possible send me a contact in Chile o LAtam for Speak tecnology machine. Thansks
Administrator Reply:
 Finishing line:
Message Time:2017-07-04 17:27:45 
Message:Hello Im interested in the finishing line for the label With whom can I solve this issue?
Administrator Reply:
Message Time:2017-06-28 08:14:35 
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Message Time:2017-06-28 07:12:56 
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