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Voyantic and Brotech Teaming to Provide State-of-the-art RFID Testing Equipment - Eurotech RFID FS 



Voyantic Ltd. and Brotech Graphics Co., Ltd. have joined forces to provide state-of-the-art RFID performance testing equipment that is simple where simplicity is sufficient, yet technically innovative where additional control and capacity is needed.

The Eurotech RFID FS accurately rewinds rolls of RFID labels and validates their receptivity by running them through the Voyantic Tagsurance RFID inspection system. The unit allows stopping at a predetermined editing spot for the removal and replacement of the defective piece, as well as indicating defective labels by a mark printed by an inkjet system integrated with the machine.

The Eurotech RFID FS also features adjustment of the closed loop tension control system through adjusting the parameters on the software that control the servo motor control system; as well as accurate web adjustment and guidance provided with a web guide system complete with an ultrasonic sensor.

The system is equipped with the Voyantic Tagsurance for testing the performance of RFID tags. This is done by verifying that the tag responds to commands on its whole operational frequency range, which means testing the tag on multiple frequencies, also outside the RFID reader frequency. Accurate power output combined with the Voyantic Snoop Pro antenna, optimized for testing tags inline at high speed, allows defining precise acceptance criteria and achieving stable quality.


Why Choose Eurotech RFID FS from Voyantic and Brotech?

> Work with world leading partners that are known for high quality 
and unquestioned reliability!

> Rugged durability, top class testing and converting capabilities, and uncompromised accuracy allow you to provide profitable products fast to your existing clients as well as help to compete aggressively to expand your new client base.

> Get quick return on investment, and overall value for your dollar.

> We will carefully analyze your individual testing or converting needs and provide you with an effective and fair cost solution that will fulfill your requirements out of the box.

> Our reputation for discerning customer care before and after the sale goes unchallenged - we will build a long-term relationship with you.


Our technological capabilities are current with where our industry is going - not where it has been! 

Let us show you why we have become the choice of RFID label converters big and small around the world. Please feel free to give us a call anytime - we can further explore your individual testing or converting needs!

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North American Sales and Marketing

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