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RFID FS Tagsurance Intelligent Label Smart Label Performance Detection System

The Brotech Voyantic Tagsurance equipment is a servo driven with closed loop tension controlled quality assurance system. Its electronic web-guiding system provides smooth and accurate web control to prevent sim card and antenna damage. Brotech has equipped their unit with the Voyantic Tagsurance label inspection system to inspect label's quality and consistency with respective radio frequency. The machine features “auto error placement” when the defective label is found. The unit finds the defect and marks it with an ink jet mark allowing the operator to address the defected label.



 Max web width 340mm 430mm
 Max unwind diameter 410mm 410mm
 Max rewind diameter 410mm 410mm
 Max inspection width 330mm 420mm
 Max Mechanical Speed 80m/min 80m/min
 Air supply 8bar 8bar
 Rated voltage 3PH+N+PE 3PH+N+PE
 Machine weight 1.5T 2T


Standard material thickness is 35~250µm of film / paper / adhesive material / light carton board paper, other special materials need to be tested.



ALL RFID/EAS and security label scanning and QA/QC validation.


Spot Test:

Set different frequency to choose defect labels under smallest initial power.

Sensitivity Test:

Could observe the changes of label initial power, very convenient for operating.

Initial Power Mode:

Capable of testing the minimum label initial power under certain setting frequency.


Capable of reading all testing functional orders, and stores the data and results into database for validation purposes.