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Label Converting & Finishing Solutions
DL multi-function Rotary Die Cutting systemIn-mould label die cutting & collecting converyor
Using direct servo drive is suitable for a variety of magnetic die-cutting roller. Rugged, easy to operate. High-precision, high efficiency cutting. Alignment can be manual and automatic control, to ensure the cutting precision, reduction of material waste.

Eurotech MF Multi-Function Label Converting&Finishing SystemMF Series
Basing on the actual demand of the customer and the good performance of Eurotech Multi-function Rotary Die Cutting System, Brotech released a new product Eurotech Multi-function converting System lately, it combines the UV flex printing, die cutting, matrix removal, slitting unit, can finish the cold foil, UV varnishing, UV lamination, ratary die cutting, provides more favourable choice for the label printing manufacturer in converting.

Eurotech CLCoating System
Multi-function flexo unit,can be used as cold foil, laminating,varnish or
super varnish etc.

Eurotech RF RFID,Security Tickets,Cards,Smart Label,EAS Label

Automatic Label Counter

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